Dance Team Names

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Catchy Dance Team Names


Queen Bees

Team Tempo



Red Rubies

Dream Team

Swing Squad

Wreck Effect




 Hit Squad

Funky Monkeys



 Step Clan

 Zee Force


 Tap Titans


 Diva Moves


 Silk Route

 Jazz Stomp

 Happy Feet

 Mood Makers


 Liquid Gold



 Power Squad

 Pink Ladies

 Acro Angels

 Ghetto Kats

 Groove Trip

 Rebel Storm


 Soul Motion

 Joyful Souls



 Brave Tigers

 Soul Rockers

 Thunder Crew

 Earth Movers

Next Level Dance

My Little Ponies

 Twinkle Toes

 Golden Girls

 Jazz Masters

 Spin Doctors

 Rhythm Kings

 Cruz Machine

 High Steppers

 Hope Bringers

 Change Makers

 Smiling Faces

 Twirling Trio

 World Shakers

 Game Changers

 Popping Posse

 Battle Champs

 Boogie Thrill

 Shimmy Shakers

 Boogie Wizards

 Waving Wonders

 Elite Ensemble

In  Swing of It

 Love Spreaders

 Bouncing Bunch

 World Changers

 Quick Twisters

 Party Starters

 Groove Brigade

 Shooting Stars

 Stellar Lights

 Crystal Domain

 Spirit Shakers

 Mystical Steps

 Silver Bullets

 Black Diamonds

 Dancing Queens

 Cosmic Dancers

 Hood Brood Clan

 Soul Move Poets

 Drop Stop Divas

 Move Luminaries

 Top of  Crop

 Hip Hop Junkies

 Lyrical Legends

 Dance Directors

 Modern Movement

 Ballet Beauties

 Wiggle Warriors

 Performance Pros

 Celestial Bodies

 Funky Fresh Crew

 Dynasty of Dance

 Steppin’ Stars

 Spinnin’ Divas

 Mindfunk Machine

 Pyro Tech Freaks

 A-List All-Stars

 Good Vibes Tribe

 Hip Hop Hotshots

 Cirque du Soleil

 Hip Hop Hustlers

 Dancing Diamonds

 Salsa Sensations

 Universe Creators

 Dancing Fireflies

 Vision Dance Tech

 Doomsday Mindfunk

 Trip Illuminators

 Lockin’ Legends

 Chill City Angels

 Manic Star Galaxy

 Global Superstars

 Choreography Crew

 Contemporary Crew

 Leapin’ Lizards

 Cream of  Crop

 Zing Thing Zombies

 Rhythmic Renegades

 Iconic Iconoclasts

 Cosmic Dance Force

 Breakin’ Buddies

 Competition Queens

 Twinkle Toes Tribe

 Fleetfoot Flamingos

 World-Class Dancers

 Swing Thing Dynasty

 Happy Feet Joy Squad

 Freestyling Fanatics

 Visionary Innovators

 Boombastic Ballerinas

 Stellar Light Brigade

 Ancient Groove ory

 Trailblazing Pioneers

 Shooting Star Steppers

 Celestial Rhythm Kings

 Revolutionary Renegades

 Light Up  Night Crew

 Party Rockin’ Funsters

 Light Up  Night Squad

 International Sensations

 Mood Liftin’ Good Vibes

 Premier Performance Group

 Change-Making World Movers

 Game-Changing World Shakers

 Smiling Faces Love Spreaders

 Earth-Moving Universe Creators

 Peaceful Hope BringersTap Ninjas

Dance Group Name Ideas

On Fire

His Ark

His Army

God Gang

Rock City


Holy Feet



Black Fire

God’s Joy



Holy Ground

Joyful Jars

His Vessels

Joyful Feet


In His Steps

Soul Winners

Refined Wine

Joyful Noise

Full Of Fire

Living Souls

Kingdom Krew

Radical Love

Jesus filled

His Vineyard

 MC Moves

Feet of Fire

Jump for Joy


Funky Felons

 Yo! Crew


Truth & Life

Flow Phenoms

 90s Kids

Living Proof

 X Factor

 In Crowd


Groove Gurus

 Hot Coals


Victory Dance

His Battalion

Dance Dynasty

 Star Boyz

Youthful Zeal

Urban Pythons

Urban Snipers

Rhythm Rebels

Urban Savages

Fiery Dancers

 Fly Girls

Jubilee Squad


Flowing Water

Full of Grace

Storm Chasers


Banging Beats


Extreme Moves

Rooted in Him

B-Boy Brigade

Abundant Fire

For  Cause

Power Grooves

Path Lighters

Body Breakers

Bone Crushers

Rhythm Vipers

MayDay Rebels

Made to Dance

Giants of God

Solid Rockers

 Chosen Few

Zion’s Dance


Fast Frequency

Praise Dancers

Kingdom Praise

Kingdom Hearts

God’s Gifted

Free in Christ


Burning Hearts

Funk Flow Crew

Funk Flex Crew

Flaming Arrows

Ablaze for Him

Grace Carriers

Soulful Movers

 Soul Train

Mayhem Dancers

Occupied Souls

Rejoicing Feet

Sunday Thunder

Street Pythons

 Boom Squad

Spirit Dancers

Fishers of Men

Living springs

Breakout Rulers

Mountain Movers

In His Presence

B-Boy Barricade

Amplified Moves

B-Girl Blasters

Souled to Jesus

Beat Bombshells

Beat Box Boogie

God’s Dancers

 Zulu Queens

Faith in Motion

Dancing Crosses

Dance Timebombs

Kingdom Flexers

Footwork Titans

Destiny Dancers

Zealous Dancers

Beckoning Souls

 Rhyme Royce

 Fire Within

Dancing pillars

Dance Hit Squad

Flow Fam Frenzy

For  Culture

Kingdom Dancers

 Mic Masters

 Mic Marvels

Divine Movement

Heavenly Beings

Heirs of Heaven


Jesus jukeboxes

Boombox Ballers

Anointed Dancers

Infinite Prowess

Bassline Maniacs

Rhythmic Rollers

Freaky Scorpions

MayDay Marauders

Revived to Dance

 Dance Effect

Intense Capacity

True Expressions

 Praise Train

Praise in Motion

United in Christ

True Worshippers

Imprinted in Him

 Beatbox Crew

Thirst Quenchers

Living Sacrifice

Kingdom Movement

Holy Spirit Fire

Armed with Moves

Righteous Rebels

God’s Vineyard

 Uprock Kings

Music Mayhem Mob

DJ Spin Spinners

 Jazzy Ladies

 Rugged Moves

Rhythm Renegades

 Urban Uproar

 Wicked Limbs

 Revolution X

 Rap Rhapsody

Big Bang Buddies

 Mic Monarchs

 Hip-Hop Hype

Breakin’ Beats

Cipher Champions

Hit Squad Rulers


 Wu-Tang Clan

Cypher Crusaders

 Ladies First

 Rap Resonance

Syncopated Rebels

 Spirit of Joy

Timebomb Troupers

 Rhyme Royalty

Fly Street Fellas

 Living Stones


Wings like Eagles

Dancing Preachers

Kingdom of Praise

 Scratch Squad

His Love Moves Me

His Grace Abounds

Holy Fire Dancers

 Sick Stunters

 Sleek Sliders

 Smoking Moves

Worshipful Hearts

Blazing for Jesus

Fueled for Christ

 Party Animals

Orchard of Christ

 Party Rockers

Salt of  Earth

Flash Mob Masters

Redeemed to Dance

Beat Beastmasters

Purposeful Movers

Purified Invasion

Paradise On Earth

Molded to Glorify

 Triple Threat

Justified Spirits

Midnight Panrs

Restored to Dance

 Heat Emitters

 Hip Controlla

 Missy Elliots

Hoodlum Harmonics

 Get Down Crew

Heaven Harvesters

Bassline Bouncers

Worship In Motion

 Rapid Rhythms

God’s Orchestra

Cipher Serenaders

God’s Favorites

Breakbeat Bonanza

Blessed in Motion

Ablaze for Christ

Groove Gladiatorz

Groove Generation

Graffiti Groovers

Funky Fresh Force

Toxic Groove Crew

Funk Fusion Force

Bassline Brawlers

Beat Masters Gang

Cypher Commanders

 Athletic Apes

DJ Dynamo Dynasty

DJ Dynamo Dancers

 Storm Bringers

Breakbeat Bouncers

Urban Jungle Lords

Spirit-Led Dancers

Dance Venom Cartel

Gravitated Spirits

 Hopping Robots

Kingdom Energizers

Mighty Leapers

Dancing to Victory

Toxic Groove Kings

Dancing like David

Beat Box Believers

Christ’s Dancers

Occupied in Christ

Manifesting Christ

Dance Bounty Kings

AfterHours Hitters

Insane Groove Aces

Proclaiming Christ

Propelled to Dance

Most Wanted Movers

DJ Spin Sensations

 Rhythm Raiders

Fly Dance Pharaohs

 Hip Hop Honeys

Freestyle Fanatics

Funk Fusion Fiends

Funk Flow Fanatics

Redeeming  Lost

Intentional Movers

 Dancing Saints

 Power of Dance

Spirit-Led Worship

Steadfast in Faith

Midnight Marauders

Underground Rebels

On Fire for Christ

 Rolling Racket

 Urban Uprising

Reaching  World

Divine Expressions

Your Name in Dance

Urban Snare Snipers

Freestyle Phenomena

Beat Seekers Cartel

Purposeful Movement

Worshipful Movement

 Dance of Praise

 Rhythmic Rebels

 Rhyme Renegades

Breakdance Brawlers

 Old School Crew

Stereo Sound Rebels

Wow Factor Warriors

God’s Praise Team

Breakdance Breakout

Moving with Purpose

Radicals For Christ

 Urban Unleashed

Kingdom Ambassadors

 Scratch Supreme

 Urban Uprooters

Underground Rascals

 Vinyl Virtuosos

Flaming Torchlights

Beat Bounty Bandits

Beat Bounty Seekers

Fruit of  Spirit

 Mix Masters Mob

Dance Poison Cartel

Cypher Showstoppers

 Movement of God

Funky Street Rebels

 Ignited Spirits

Breakin’ Insanity

 Hip-Hop Harmony

Breakbeat Battalion

Hope-Filled Dancers

Beat Breakout Kings

 Hip Hop Central

Hood Rhythmic Rebels

 Tempo Terrorists

Moving in  Spirit

 Royal Generation

For  Glory of God

 Rap Rhyme Rebels

A Dance for  King

 Old School Squad

Street Savage Beasts

Footwork Phenomenons

Beat Battle Blasters

Flow Fanatic Faction

Bouncing Bass Rebels

Vicious Villain Vibe

Powerful Expressions

Dancing with Passion

Freestyle Fusionists

Flash Mob Phenomenon

 Turntable Titans

Music Mayhem Masters

Beat Breakdown Bunch

 Mixtape Maestros

Beat Street Breakers

Beat Street Soldiers

 Hip-Hop Hustlers

 Hip-Hop Heatwave

Rebel Revolutionists

 Heart of Worship

AfterDark Dominators

Swagger Street Kings

Rhythm Sharpshooters

Most Wanted Warriors

Graffiti Groove Gang

 Dance Disruptors

Stereo Sound Invaders

Equipped for Ministry

Manifesting His Glory

B-Girl Breakdown Crew

Hood Harmonic Outlaws

 Touch of His Hand

 Turntable Tyrants

In His Name, We Dance

 Mixtape Magicians

 Mixtape Mavericks

 Mic Check Masters

Lawless Dance Outlaws

Dance Wrecking Effect

 Rhyme Rhapsodists

Street Symphony Kings

 Hammered Movement

LightHouse for Christ

Urban Jungle Warriors

 Rap Lyric Legends

Urban Groove Breakers

Solemn Sensation Squad

Insane Groove Warriors

Street Savage Serpents

Vicious Rhythm Outlaws

Flow Fusion Fraternity

Lawless Groove Outlaws

 Breakin’ Bunnies

 Turntablists Tribe

Electrified for Christ

 Mix Mastermind Mob

Spirit-Powered Dancers

Freestyle Firestarters

Outlawed Rhythm Outlaws

Mayhem Movement Masters

 Lock & Pop Pioneers

 Hip-Hop Heatseekers

Rollin’ Groove Riders

Outlawed Rhythm Masters

Footwork Kings of Chaos

Urban Groove Conquerors

Solemn Street Sensation

 Street Stride Squad

Street Symphony Outlaws

Infinite Groove Dynasty

Empowered by  Spirit

Backyard Groove Outlaws

Funky Freestyle Phenoms

Monster Groove Mavericks

Monster Groove Syndicate

Swag District Commanders

Footwork Kings of Mayhem

 Rap Rhyme Revolution

Spirit-Inspired Movement

 Turntable Tacticians

 Street Sound Soldiers

 Rhyme Revolutionaries

Transforming by His Grace

Graffiti Groove Guardians

Spirit-Filled Expressions

 Rap Cypher Collective

Syncopated Street Legends

Monster Groove Revolution

 Turntable Titans Tribe

 Street Style Sorcerers

 Tempo Terrorists Tribe

 Outpouring of His Love

 Hip-Hop Harmony Heroes

Breakdance Battle Brawlers

Breakin’ Revolutionaries

Backyard Groove Revolution

 Street Style Supremacy

 Street Cipher Syndicate

 Rhyme & Groove Ensemble

 Funky Fresh Force Tribe

 Queens of  Dancefloor

 Rhythmic Revolutionaries

Dancing with  Holy Spirit


Funny Dance Team Names

Nae Naes

Fly Girls

Bop Daddy


Dab Queens

Crazy Cats

Stomp That


Take a Leap

Hops Scotch


Lady Rebels

Sugar Girls

Rug Cutters



Funky Angels


Salsa Swings

Flower Power

Living Stone

Sure To Dance

Feisty Femmes

 Wild Ones

 Woozy Men

Athletic Apes

Candy Kickers

Soul Stealers

Jumping Jacks

Stomp and Awe

Dancing Toads

 Flash Mob

Dancin’ Dolls

I’d Tap That

Cherry Barbies

Two Steps Away

Rhythmic Squad

Femme Fandango

 Polka Dots

Geeky Gyrators

Poetic Players

 Beach Bums

Boogie Knights

Stomp  Yard

Fantastic Four


Radical Rejects

 Zany Zebras


 Dance Dazes


Dangerous Dames

 Dance Fugue

Metaverse Moves

 Free Spirits

 Desert Divas

 Beat Seekers

 Memory Slips

 Messy Movers


 Salt Shakers

Dance Laboratory

Jalapeno Poppers

 Cart Spinners

Standby Stumblers

Whistling Walkers

 Dancing Divas

 Dancing Dodos

Ballet And B Boys

 Awkward Squad

Slow Motion Moves

 Aisle Artists

 Joyful Movers

 Unruly Troupe

 Memory Lapses

 Honey Badgers



 Quirky Queens

 Memory Mirage

 Museum Movers

 Clumsy Cuties

 Wacky Wizards

 Fumble Dancers

 Insanity Squad

 Forest Dancers

 Mental Hiccups


 Victory Vixens

Stand-Up Stumblers

 Dancing Sirens

 Dancing Madmen

 Untamable Ones

 Rowdy Revelers

 Joyous Jumpers

 Dance Delirium

Geek Chic Groovers

 Volcano Vixens

 Aisles Dancers

 Fashion Police

 Funky Serpents

Purple Sky Dancers

High Voltage Moves

 Defiant Dancers

 Lunatic Dancers

 Disco Dinosaurs

 Winning Wizards

 Stiff Shufflers

 Maniacal Movers

 Dancing Terrors

 Lost Steps Crew

Awkward D&D Dancers

 Store Strutters

 Dancing Maniacs

 Dancing Spirits

 Extreme Dancers

 Dancing Psychos

 Library Dancers

My Achy Shaky Heart

 Jungle Jugglers

 Joyful Jugglers

 Rhythm Shoppers

 Aisle Arrangers

 Subway Shufflers

 Sweaty Shufflers

 Airplane Dancers

 Jittery Jugglers

 Dancing Soulfuls

 Amnesia Groovers

 Groove Observers

 Time Warp Troupe

 Triumph Twerkers

 Dancing Revelers

 Brain Fog Ballet

 Dance-Off Champs

Dance-a-tron Rejects

 Dance-Off Queens

Stand Tall Stumblers

 Produce Groovers

 Painfully Posers

Stumbleback Steppers

 Dancing Fanatics

 Force is with Us

 Misstep Maestros

 Cart Shuffle Crew

 Peaceful Prancers

 Anarchy in Motion

 Item Interpreters

 Joyful Performers

 Selection Shakers

 Victory Shimmiers

 Misbehaving Divas

 Soulful Shufflers

 Dancing Joyriders

 Stumble Shufflers

 Eccentric Dancers

 Drunk-like Movers

 Dance-Off Victors

 Disobedient Divas

 Dancing Dervishes

Dance Floor Debuggers

 Spirited Steppers

 Dancing Wanderers

 Dancing Ecstatics

 Standing Missteps

 Schoolyard Shakers

 Nerdcore No-Movers

 Mind Blank Dancers

 Playful Performers

 Uplifted Stumblers

 Forgetful Footwork

 Untamed Performers

 Uneasy Enthusiasts

 Underwater Dancers

 Dissenting Dancers

 Forgetful Shimmies

 Gleeful Glide Gang

 Dancing Enthusiasts

 Dancing Psychopaths

 Blunder Bop Brigade

 Whimsical Wanderers

 Grocery Jam Dancers

 Cart Choreographers

 Rising Stumble Crew

 Calculated Missteps

 Bumbling Ballerinas

 Space Station Squad

 Love-Filled Dancers

Da Pursuit Of Tappiness

 Wild and Crazy Crew

 Frenzied Performers

 Success Samba Squad

Drop It Like It’s Hot

 Clumsy Cha-Cha Crew

 Triumphant Twirlers

 Geek Squad Stoppers

 Off–Wall Troupe

Pixelated Dance Phobics

 Tech Tango Trippers

 Ocean Floor Dancers

 Jubilant Jig Jokers

 Mountaintop Maniacs

 Recollection Rascals

 Reminiscence Rockers

 Oops-a-Jive Ensemble

 Quickstep Inspectors

 Comic Con Jitterbugs

 Shelf Sway Surveyors

 Beaten Track Dancers

 Tumbling Tumbleweeds

 Dance-Off Conquerors

 Elevator Enthusiasts

 Hospital Hip-Hoppers

 Gas Station Gamblers

 Thoughtless Twirlers

 Absent-Minded Movers

 Uncoordinated Cuties

 Dorky Dance Dilemmas

 Memory Wipeout Squad

 Dance-Off Destroyers

 Wobbly Waltz Wizards

 Stumble & Stand Stars

 Shopping Space Makers

 Staggered Salsa Stars

 Uncomfortable Dancers

 Trip-and-Tango Troupe

Stumble & Strive Ensemble

 Trivia Twirl Tumblers

 Castle Choreographers

 Out-of-Control Cuties

 Keyboard Caper Clowns

 Dance-Off Devastators

 Bungling Ballet Bunch

 Dancing Thrillseekers

 Forget-Me-Not Tappers

 Madcap Choreographers

 Haunted House Hustlers

 Unforgettable Cha-Chas

 Stumble Step Syndicate

 Insubordinate Groovers

 Thrill-Seeking Dancers

 Grocery Store Groovers

 Floor-Thumpin’ Divas

 Life-Affirming Dancers

 Sci-Fi Swing Stumblers

 Vanquisher Vibe Vixens

 Winning Wiggle Wizards

 Dance-Off Annihilators

 Dance Floor Dominators

 Conqueror Cha-Cha Crew

Stumble to Soar Dance Team

 Product Percussionists

 Awkward Nerdy Shufflers

 Floor-Gripping Groovers

 Hilarious Hustle Heroes

 Floor-Rockin’ Legends

 Floor-Stompin’ Champs

 Champion Chacha-Cha-Cha

 “Muddled Mambo” Mob

Misstep Mavericks

 Parking Lot Party People

 Victorious Vogue Vandals

 Dancing in  Snow Crew

 Dancing in  Rain Crew

 Unsteady Uptown Groovers

 Dancing in  Dark Crew

 “Gaffe Groove” Guild

 “Nervous Navigators”

 Triumphant Tap Tornadoes

 Floor-Fillin’ Fanatics

Rebellious Rhythm Makers

 Jittery Jitterbug Jokers

 Checkout Groove Stoppers

 Stumble and Sway Society

 “Wrong-Step Wizards”

 Hysterical Hurdle Hoppers

 Comedy Cakewalk Crusaders

 Robotically Clueless Crew

 Moves That Make You Swoon

 “Jittery Jive” Jokers

 Fumbled Footwork Fanatics

 Awkward Arabesque Artists

 Code-Breaking Clumsy Cats

 Floor-Shakin’ Superstars

 “Oopsie-Daisy Dancers”

 Winning Whirlwind Warriors

 Undefeated Uptown Groovers

 Grinning Groove Gladiators

 “Stumble and Jive” Crew

 Storefront Standoff Dancers

 “Awkward Shuffle” Squad

 Hilarious Hopscotch Hustlers

 Non-Compliant Choreographers

 Caffeine-Powered Shufflebots

 Off–Beaten Track Dancers

 Awkwardly Animated Assemblage

 “Verbal Slip Salsa” Squad

 “Tongue-Tied Tango” Troop

 “Mis-Speak Swing” Masters

 “Blunder Ballet” Ensemble

 Falter and Foxtrot Fellowship

 Shuffle and Stumble Strutters

 Laughter-Loving Lindy Hoppers

 “Fumble and Tumble” Troupe

 “Utterance Uproar” Unicorns

 “Speechless Shimmy” Stunners

 Construction Site Choreographers

 “Flustered Fandango” Fanatics

 “Flustered Footwork” Fanatics

 Spinnin’ and Whirlin’ Winners

 Dominant Disco Dukes and Duchesses

 “Socially Awkward Samba” Squad

 “Uncomfortable Waltz” Warriors

 Moves That Make You Wanna Celebrate

 Moves That Make You Wanna Say “Wow!”

 Moves That Make You Wanna Jump Up and Down

 Moves That Make You Wanna Dance All Night Long


Boys Dance Team Names

In Step

Koa Dance

RAW Dance

Dance Bag

Diva Dance


Epic Dance

Heat Dance

Epic Motion

Dance Force

Time To Tap

Dance Works


Dance Alley

Mad Moments


Frame Dance


Dance Bliss

Xcite Dance

Little Steps

Gotta Dance!

 Beat Box

Yin He Dance

Dancing Dash

Dance Canvas

Celtic Steps

Dance Makers

rforming Arts

eMotion Dance

Simply Dance!

Body Wrappers


Beats N Steps

Art in Motion

Monsoon Dance

Dance Extreme

Swing Junkies

Battery Dance

Minute Fusion

Dancing Divas

Jump and Jive

A Lot to Dance

 Dance Spot

D3 Elite Dance

Wavelady Dance

Dancing Splash

Graceful Moves

Shimmy Sisters

American Dance

Dance Concepts

Studio Express

Tapestry Dance

Beauty N Grace

Up Swing Dance

Vibez EnMotion

 Dance Club

Tap N Toe Dance

Dancin’ Jazzi

 Vault Dance

Dance Discovery

Floorlords Crew

One Motion Dance

Centre for Dance

Collective Dance

Tippi Toes Dance

Partners in Time

Ballethnic Dance

Diamond Princess

Dance Connection

Dare Dream Dance

Footworks Studio

Millennium Dance

Move Space Dance

Movement Culture

Dance Sensations

Golden Zing Dance

Ballet East Dance

SSQQ Dance Studio

Brick House Dance

Inspired Movement

 Dance Complex

Fleek Squad Dance

Axis Dance Studio

Artists in Motion

Vibe Dance Studio

Hippy Hippy Shake

Moves and Grooves

Dancing Den Dance

Ability Unlimited

Break Out Studios

Ballet Collective

PUSH Dance Company

Union Street Dance

Fly By Night Dance

Noble Motion Dance

Red Clay Dance Co.

AABCD Dance Studio

Zuzi Move it Dance

Flyaway Productions

Unique Dance Studio

Twinkle Toes Studio

Park Cities Studios

Hexabeat Dance Club

Soaring Star Studio

Thunderstruck Dance

Rhythm Dance Center

Straight Rock Dance

Global Dance Goddess

Hook Up Dance Studio

Fire on  Mountain

Red Glame Dance Club

Dance Mission Studio

Mad Mix Dance Studio

Trilogy Dance Center

Several Dancers Core

Refuge Dance Academy

Mad House Management

Balance Dance Studios

Creative Dance Center

Impulse Dance Company

Mad Crew Dance Studio

Double C Dance Studio

OnStage Dance Company

Balance Total Fitness

Prodigy Dance Company

Inspire Dance Company

D’Ette & Co Dancers

 Drop Dance Studio

Textured Dance Studio

Your Side Dance Studio

Velocity Dance Company

Luna Tango Productions

Momentum Dance Company

Spotlight Dance Studio

Epiphany Dance ater

Chamacos Dance Company

 Glow Dance Company

On Stage Dance Company

Scorpius Dance atre

Spectrum Dance ater

In Motion Dance Studio

Presidio Dance atre

Sincere Movement Dance

Continuum Contemporary

Dance with Me Buckhead

Dance Company

City Dance Studio Inc.

Style Grid Dance Studio

American Ballet atre

Artisan School of Dance

Impulso Dance & Fitness

Wave Moves Dance Studio

Revolution Dance Studio

New Generation Dance Co.

Ecstatic Dance Evolution

Cheer Thumbling Dynamics

Spark of Creation Studio

Folkoholic Dance atre

Floor Polish Dance Studio

Balance at Urbanity Dance

Purple Moon Dance Project

Living Lines Dance Center

Heart N Soul Dance Studio

Ultimate Feet Dance Studio

Culture Shock Dance Center

Deeply Rooted Dance ater

World Dance Promotions Inc.

AREA Ignite Dance + Fitness

American Contemporary Ballet

Price Performing Arts Center

Diverse Elements Dance Studio

Cookie Joe’s Dancing School

Loose Change Dance Collective

Against  Grain Men in Dance

Dances for a Variable Population

Vision Dance and Learning Center


Dance Team Name for Girls

 Tap Team


 Modern Muses

 Rhythm Queens

 Salsa Sisters

Dance Goddesses

 Movement Mavens

 A-List All Stars

 Peaceful Hope Bringers

Dance Team Name for Kids





In Sync





Sun Dolls

Powered Up

Next Level

Juicy Krew

Raider Zone

Insane Boyz

Soul Motion

Flash dance

Boogie Down


Elite Dance


Beatz Crew.

Freedom Crew

Big Trouble.

Thunder Crew

Fatal Fellas

Doll Dynasty

Tango Tribe.

Too Hip Hop.


Orange Crush

Dance Divine

Greezed Feet

Ice Breakers

Shake it Up.


Wavy Sunshine


Funky Fella

Party Popper


Dance Factory

Wicked Limb

Jammin Jewels

Beat Blasters

Beastful Boys

Naughty Moves

Anor World

Funky Femme

Dirty Dancers

Fab and Fancy

Dizzy Dancers

Blazing Stars

Freaky Femmes

Salsa Swing

Elite Emeralds

Dance Blasters

Mighty Leapers

Bunny Dancer

Dancing Jewels

Jumping Jack

Dancing Diva

Dazzle Factory

Jelly Jigglers

Shooting Stars

Soul Crusaders

Twirling Stars

Feisty Femme

Rise and Shine

Rhythmic Squad.

Daring Diamonds

Super Sparklers

Rhythmic Eagles

Femme Fandango.

Dancing Dragons

Bop Til U Drop.

Mystical Melody

Twinkling Stars

Maidens Of Music

Sizzle and Stomp

Sparkling Jewels

Elite Dance Crew

Dance Princesses

Groove n’ Glam.

 Sugary Effect

Keep Calm & Dance

Boombastic Ballerina


Meaningful Dance Crew Names





Got Air?




All Stars

Star Boyz


Fanny Pak




Dance Bugs


Magic Feet

Angel Feet

Beatz Crew

Low Riders

Jazzy Wazzy

Tempo Kings

Shake it Up

Dream Team.


Rare Rubies

Hip Hoppers

Stomp Squad

Dab Dancers

On  Move

Tango Tribe

Step Rebels

Angry Birds

Fury Dancers

Room Shakers

Wicked Limbs

Glitzy Girls

Bumble Bee

Dance Nation


Lady Mover

Dab Dancer

Toxic Energy

Move Maker


Dazzle Tribe

Rug Cutter

Boogie Babes


Justice Crew

Groovy Moovy

In Sync Crew

6-Step Squad

Darling Divas


Kingdom Krew.

Catching Fire

Heat Emitters

Funky Angel

Sound Psychos

Soul Sister

Music Maniacs

Pop & Lockers

Party Animals

Rhythm Riders

Daze of Glory

Dynamite Daze

Razzle Dazzle

Body Pretzels

Fire Starters

Break It Down

Spice Angel

Lady Shufflers

Dazzling Stars

 Hot Devils

Perfect Pearls

Twirling Dolls

Mystical Steps

Dancing Foxe

Tango Tipper

Dancers Divine

Fancy Footwork

Twisters Elite

Team Two Step.

Dancing Angels


Black Panrs


Heart and Soul

Doomsday Divas

Dancing Clouds

Feisty Fairies

Dance Dynasty.

Divine Dancer

Defying Gravity

Battle Breakers

Sweet Disasters

Hippity Hoppity

Prancing Pearls

Fiery Flamingos

Dazzling Diva

Heart Breaker

Hopping Robot

Diamond Dynasty

Dancing Rockets

Thundering Kidz

Spirit in Motion

Rhythmic Ringers

Twirling Quee

Can’t Break Us


Ballerina Bellas

Shimmering Dolls

Music Brear

 Fit Dancer

Ballerina Babe

Movers & Shakers

Dynamite Dancers

 Go-Go Girl

Dancing Crystals


Sweet and Sweaty.

Street Stuntin’

Spirit in Motion.

Delicious Dancers

Dance To Glorify.

Destined To Dance

Sparkle and Spunk.

Let it (Head) Slide

Whirling Dervishe

Dancers of  Ring

Fluttering Butterflies


Dance Troupe Names




Tutu Tribe

Funky Force

Urban Vibes

Royal Squad

Klassy Kats

Crazy Cat

Beat Bakers

Golden Glam

Funk Fusion

Candy Girls

Dance Drama

Sonic Boom.

Twerk Queens

Soul Rockers

Ballet Babes

Raging Roses

Bass bullies

Dance Ninjas

Lady Rebel

Freaky Bears

Hops Scotch.

Daring Dolls

Funky Fellas

Urban Dynamos

Beat Breakers

Electric Edge

Free Movement

Ballet Belles

Dance Pirates

Party Rockers

Mad for Music

Groovy Guppies

Blue Sapphires

Dancing Queens

Candy Kicker

Feisty Falcons

Hip-Hop Heroes

Dance & Dazzle

 Fluid Flock

Street Steppers

Groove Gangstas

 Polka Dot

Glitter Garnets

Dancing Dynasty

Soulful Shakers

Flowery Dancers

Gravity Defiers

Hip Hop Hustlers

Kinetic Creators

Ignited Spirit

Pointe Perfection

Ballerina Brigade

Arabesque Artists

Graceful Gazelles

Ereal Ensemble

Abstract Artistry

Breakin’ Bosses

Movement Mavericks

 Balletic Bunch

Pirouette Princesses

Contemporary Crafters

 Contemporary Clique


Catchy Dance Company Name




Ck Studio

Art Motion



Dance Duet

Flashy Feet





Pure Motion

Candy Dance

Dance Smart

Salsa Style

Signox Dance

Etisson Casa

Blazing Heat

Cubent Dance

Planet Dance

Dance Around

Music Movers


Feet360 Dance

Dance Central

Upcrew Dancer

Groovy Studio

Ballet & More

Shakira Dance


Aeftiss Dance

Big City Dance

Shall We Dance

Dancing Dragon

Studio V Dance

Studio 3 Dance

Infusion Dance

Alleyaex Dance

Dance Industry

Kg Dance Studio

Angels On Earth

Superstar Dance

Dance Sensation

Go Dance Studio

Spirit Of Dance

Alphazest Dance

Primecore Dance

Mindgreat Dance

Urbanstar Dance

Class Act Dance

Dance Excellence

Dependable Dance

 Dance Studio

Dancewave Studio

Happy Feet Dance

Sparks & Spirits

Greatquest Dance

Dancingden Dance

Head To Toe Dance

Dance Central Llc

Kids Dance Center

Dance On  Edge

Huffington Pilates

Dcbd Dance Academy

Studio Of Movemint

Classic Dyna Dance

Dance Of  Naive

First Dance Studio

Danceology Studios

Elite Dance Studio

American Dance Co.

Straightrock Dance

Madmix Dance Studio

Soreal Dance Studio

Flirty Dance Studio

Paiyh Dance Studios

Hookup Dance Studio

Dance International

Illumine Dance Club

Dance From  Heart

Dance With Me Austin

Bluefab Dance Studio

Eternal Dance Studio

Epicmotion Danceclub

Steps A Dance Studio

Relevè Dance Studio

 Ballerina Social

Steppin’ Time Inc.

 Dancing Footsteps

Contempo Dance Center

Premier Dance Academy

Make Every Step Count

Face Off Dance Studio

Texas Storm Athletics

Bodywave Dance Studio

Dance Expressions Llc

Zensual Dance Fitness

A Time To Dance Studio

Yousmart Dance Academy

Bodyworks Dance Centre

Robin’s Dance Studio

Rockwall Dance Academy

Hencehat Dance Academy

Ballerina’s Ballroom

C & C Academy Of Dance

Energetic Dance Studio

Razzle It Dance Studio

Teamdynemo Dance Studio

 Dallas Conservatory

Jdf Elite Dance Academy

Texas Academy Of Ballet

Courage Cheer And Dance

 Smooth Moves Studio

River City Dance Studio

Joy’s School Of Dance

Dance With Me Southlake

 Little Feet Company

Blackwater Dance Academy

Dance World Studios Inc.

Branch Out Dance Academy

Dancerelics Dance Studio

Dancedesire Dance Studio

 Sienna Dance Academy

Expressions Dance Studio

Bettercurves Dance Studio

Crowdstreet Dance Academy

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Center Stage Dance Studio

Dance Academy Of Mansfield

Studio Jade Ballroom Dance

Dance Passion Dance Studio

Steps Of Faith Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Lessons

Texas Ballet ater School

Melva Smith School Of Dance

River Oaks School Of Dancing

Dance Warehouse Studios, Inc

Idanz Performing Arts Studio

Joee Schapiro School Of Dance

Arts Avenue ater And Dance

Vicki’s School Of Dance Miss

Department Of atre And Dance

Just For Kix – Wearford, Tx.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Of Waco

Steppin Time Performing Arts Center

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Of Austin

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Of Dallas

Studio 16 Dance Center By Karie Horton

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Of Fort Worth

Artistry In Motion Performing Arts Center

Power Bar Women’s Fitness Pole Dance Studio Arlington

Dance Company Name Ideas























It done

Step Up



Tango Co

Skim Hub


Shake It





Last Trip


Tango Pro

Salsa Hub

Grove Co.

She Moves

Let Loose





Lurch Co.


Swing Co.


Opera Work

Cut A Ring






Last Waltz

Last Verse





Slow Troupe


Sun Dancers



Stable Buzz

 Hob Hub



Three Claps


Dandy Dance



Folk Dancers

From  Top



Crazy Dancers


Musical March

 Pure Show

Aerobic Waltz


 Idle Away

Russian Waltz

One Step Move


Ballroom Place

 Boogie Man

 Music Hall


 Sun Chores

National Walls

Music Ballroom

Pure & Company


Strange Troupe


Grand Ballet Co



Classical Waltz

Mystic Ballroom

Smooth Criminal

Primitive Waltz

Choral Waltz Co

Classical Troupe

Creative Rhythms

atrical Piece

 Shady Dancer

Feliz Paso Doble

Spanish Ballroom

Next Tango Place

Terpsichore Spot

Sun Choreography

Conventional Art

 Bhangra Group

Merry Waltz Group


Polish Dancers Co

Greek Terpsichore

 Bohemian Spin

Ghost Waltz Works

Classic Tango Spot

Primitive Ballroom

Grotesque Ballroom

Creative & Company

Mystic Terpsichore

Lively Waltz Group

Classical Ballroom

Traditional Troupe

Mazy Tango Designs


Native Terpsichore

Music International

Grand Choreographer

Popular Terpsichore


Informal Waltz Spot

Russian Waltz Group

Choral Choreography

Annual Ballet Group

Indian Choreographer

Graceful Dancers Pro

Erotic International

Slow Music Chronicles

Pure Tango Chronicles

Musical Entertainment

Beautiful Terpsichore


Primitive Waltz Works

Spanish Ballroom Works

Creative Dancers Place

Bachata Dance Club Co.

Rhythmic Choreographer

National Dancers Place

Merry Ballet & Company

Graceful Terpsichore Co

 Ghost Dancers Works

Annual Troupe Chronicles

Erotic Dancers & Company

 Sacred Dancers Works

Ecstatic Dancers Designs

Graceful Choreography Pro

Classical Waltz & Company

Impromptu Tango Collective

And Terpsichore Trading Co

 Indian Choreography Co

Russian Dancers Trading Co

Grotesque Choreographer Pro

Pyrrhic Ballroom Trading Co


Beautiful Choreography Spot

Mazy Choreography & Company

 Solemn Choreographer Co

 Choral Choreographer Co

 Wild Choreographer Spot

Primitive Troupe Chronicles

Russian Choreography Designs

 Greek Choreography Works

 Impromptu Choreography Co

 Square Choreography Works

Strange Ballroom International

 Next Dancers International

 Mazy Terpsichore & Company

Trip  Light Fantastic Works

Tribal Choreographer Chronicles

 Aerobic Ballroom Trading Co

Circular Terpsichore Trading Co

Ceremonial Troupe International

 Greek Choreography & Company

 Informal Tango International

 Traditional Ballroom Collective

 Rhythmic Choreography & Company

 Aerobic Choreographer Trading Co

 Little Terpsichore International

 Cosmic Terpsichore International

Classic Trip  Light Fantastic Group

 Traditional Choreographer & Company


Dance Business Names

Dance U




Move It!

Dance On!


Cut A Rug

Xd2 Dance


Star Dance

Soul Steps

Dance Zone

Dance Desi

Just Dance


Brown Wave

Dance Vibe

Soul Salsa

Shake A Leg

Dance Mania

Dance Elite

Dance Party

Dance 4 Fun


Odyssey Art

Dance Shack

Dance Fever




Dance Space

Dance Place

Zest Spirit

Irule Dance

Liquid Gold

Dance Trance

Dance Palace

Center Stage

Dance Vision

Making Moves

Step & Dance

Diva Dynasty

Do  Dance

Move With Me

Dance Stream


Heels & Toes

Fancy Jewels

Dance Dreams

Flytap Dance

Xtreme Dance

Smooth Moves

Dance School

Steps Studio


Leotard Dance

Smooth Groove

 Dance Off

Dance Fitness

Ballet Castle

Dance With Me

Ballet Babies

Dancing Daisy

Upswing Dance

Ballet Austin

White Gravity

Dancing Dream

Chill Chickas

Step In Style

Broadway Bound


Dance Xplosion

 Right Note

Kathak Rhythms


Lost In Motion

 Right Foot

Damsel Dancers

Absolute Dance

Moves & Shapes

Stevemax Dance

Aeronace Dance

Joyostyle Dance

Dance Institute

Hip Hop Grooves

Pretty Vertical

Butterfly Dance

Dancing All Day

Dazzling Jewels

Dance Integrity

Busifolio Dance

Groove And Move

Movespace Dance

Inner Me Studios

Brors In Arms

Golden Lionesses

Dance Works Plus

Dancer’s World

Music Dimensions

Noragle Dance

Dancers Workshop

Dancefloor Gurus

Connestart Dance

Dancebliss Dance

Bare Feet Studio

620 Dance Centre

Twistin’ Tunes

 Dance Vortex

Your Daily Dance

Rhythm And Dance

You Got  Moves

Masters Of Motion

Dedicated Dancers

Glenn Skates Inc.

Every Step Studio

Dance 2  Music

Whitney’s Dance

Studio 6:14 Dance

Dance Arts Center

Key City Dance Co.

Dance Power Studio

Space Dance Studio

Silks & Bows Dance

Beautiful Ballroom

Inner Diva Studios

Ignite Dance Co Llc

Studio Dance Centre

Shimmering Diamonds

Imagination Station

Dance Austin Studio

Artywish Dance Club

Elite Dance Academy

Taylor Dance Studio

Dance Till You Drop

Always Dance Studio

Texas Dance Country

Jdm School Of Dance

210 Elite Dance Co.

First Street Studio

Madcrew Dance Studio

Dance Of  Goddess

Don’t Stop Dancing

Dancing Stars Studio

Felacia Dance Studio

Dancing For Everyone

Exclusive Dance Club

Prodigy Dance Centre

Ballet Beautiful Inc

Preston Center Dance

Dancing Step By Step

Alphex Dance Academy

Müv Dance & Fitness

Urbanaero Dance Club

Jazzbungy Dance Club

Move Ax Dance Studio

Ballroom On Broadway

Debbie’s Dance Etc

Move It Dance Studio

Bay Area Dance Moves

Let’s Step Toger

Premiere Dance Center

Contemporary Dance Co

Adamson Ballet School

Jazzstring Dance Club

Supa Dancin’ Studio

Dynasty Dance Academy

Noragle Dance Club

Epic Center For Dance

Fly High Dance Studio

Zingways Dance Studio

Tropical Dance Studio

Solocrew Dance Studio

Performing Arts Studio

Derbendudes Dance Club

Moon Walk Dance Studio

Groovebox Dance Studio

Suddenly Smooth Studio

Eachbeats Dance Studio

Lift Dance And Fitness

Studio 29 Dance Centre

Elitearts Dance Studio

Stylegrid Dance Studio

Let’s Dance Victoria

Diversity Dance Studio

Vibe Dance And Fitness

Ideafront Dance Academy

Dance Discovery Studios

Sugar Land Dance Center

North Pole Dance Studio

Ballet Academy Of Texas

Footlights Dance Studio

Rhythm Inc Dance Studio

Dance By Design Studios

Crazyjades Dance Studio

Dance & Arts Connection

Studio One Dance Center

All Of  Lights Dance

Powerhouse Dance Studio

Alisa’s Dance Academy

Safe Moves Dance Studio

Mindy Lamb Dance Academy

On Our Toes Dance Studio

Toby’s School Of Dance

Dana’s Studio Of Dance

Teffany’s Dance Studio

Fusionbuzz Dance Academy

Just Danze Dance Studios

Dancingedge Dance Studio

Drum Trance Dance Studio

Patty Harper Dance Studio

Dancing Dash Dance Studio

Jenni Holley Dance Studio

Denton Dance Conservatory

Tap N Toe School Of Dance

Motivespace Dance Academy

Mastercrest Dance Academy

Stephenville Dance Center

Peggy Anne-Cece Jean Dance

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Austin Uptown Dance Studio

Twinkle Souls Dance Studio

Abilene Performing Arts Co

Jo Bonds Dance Studios Inc

Cooper Street Dance Studio

Dallas Black Dance atre

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Corazon Latino Dance Studio

Aston Ballroom Dance Studio

Movin’ On Up Dance Studio

Royale Ballet Dance Academy

Dance With Me  Woodlands

Turning Pointe Dance Studio

Texas Academy Of Dance Arts

Suzanne’s School Of Dance

Elite Dance Company Of Texas

Turning Pointe Dance Academy

Heaven On Earth Dance Studio

Heart Of Texas Cheer & Dance

Dancin’ Jazzi Dance Studio

Studio C School Of Dance, Llc

Legacy Performing Arts Academy

Captivating Dance By Nona Texas

Salsabysal Dance Studio Of Salsa

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Of Plano

Texas Galaxy Cheer And Dance-Denton

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Westlake

 Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio

 Dance Gallery School Of Dance Arts

Mcteggart Irish Dancers Of North Texas

Dance Du Coeur Sugar Land Dance Studio

 Dance Academy & Ballet Academy North

Fearless Headquarters – School Of Dance

Boni’s Dance & Performing Arts Studio Inc

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