Ping Pong Slogans

In this blog, we have covered the  Catchy Ping Pong Slogans, Table Tennis Slogans, Slogan Ping Pong,  Table Tennis Taglines and  Cool Ping-Pong Slogans.


Catchy Ping Pong Slogans

Smash it!


No Mercy.


Got Paddle?


Paddle Master.


I must break you.


Spin it to win it.


Ping Pong & Chill?


You just got served.


Smash Forrest Smash.


Table Tennis Anyone?


The Ping Pong People.


Ping Pong and Beyond.


Ping Pong Black Belt.


Ping Pong takes balls.


The Ping to Your Pong.


Keep Calm and Smash On.


Unleash the Spin Within.


Keep Calm and Ping Pong.


Swing, Serve, and Swerve!


Dream Big. Paddle Bigger.


It’s on like Ping Pong.


Anytime is Ping Pong Time.


Let’s Bounce.


The Spin Cycle is on High.


Your Home for Table Tennis.


Practice winning every day.


Forest Gump’s Instructor.


You can’t handle my serve.


Paddle Faster: I Hear Banjos.


The easiest day was yesterday.


The road to winning is uphill.


Spoiler Alert: You don’t win.


The Test of the Best.


Let the paddle do the talkin’.


Championships are won at practice.


Taking Table Tennis to New Heights.


Adulting can wait. Let’s play pong.


Don’t be a ding dong; play ping pong!


You will come to believe that the ball is always coming back.


Table Tennis Slogans

Spin, Win, Grin.


Pong On, Carry On.


Where Spin Meets Fun.


Serve, Swerve, Deserve.


You Serve, You Deserve.


Ping Pong, Bring it On!


It’s a Hit.


Play Fast, Make it Last.


The Battle of the Paddle.


Break the Mold.


It Takes Two to Ping Pong.


Set Your Aim, Win the Game.


Ace the Game, Rise to Fame.


Get in the Swing.


Rally to Reality.


When in Doubt, Serve it Out!


Ball in Play, is a Day Made.


Home of the Brave.


Bashing Backhands Since 2023.


Every Ping’s a Possibility.


From the Garage to the Stage.


Bounce Back with Every Attack.


Let Your Paddle Do the Battle.


Net the Best, Forget the Rest.


Table Tennis, Endless Fitness.


No Right, No Wrong.


Find Your Pace, Ace the Space!


Here to Serve, Born to Swerve.


Own the Table, Tell the Fable.


Every Game Starts with a Serve.


Say Yes to the Ping Pong Quest.


Keep Your Paddle Skills Strong!


Chase the Ace, Embrace the Pace.


Give Your Best Shot, Make it Hot!


The Art of the Ace.


The Song of the Strong.


Gear For The Ping Pong Enthusiast.


Get in the Loop, Stay in the Group.


Raise the Stakes, Shake the Flakes.


Life Between the Nets.


A Table, A Ball, A World.


Clash of The Titans, Ping Pong Style.


Here’s Where You Belong.


Transforming Lives Through Ping Pong.


Serve with Purpose, Play with Passion.


The Paddle is Mightier than the Sword.


It’s a Racket, Let’s Make a Packet.


Unleash Your Inner Champion.


Get Above the Net, It’s Your Best Bet.


Be Fast, Be Furious, Be Ping Pong Serious.


A Game of Skill, A Test of Will.


Keep the Ball Rolling, Keep Your Game Growing.


It’s More than a Ping-Pong Thing.


A Race, A Chase, A Thrill to Embrace.


It’s Not Just a Game, It’s a Ping Pong Fame.


Slogan Ping Pong

Spin to win


King of Ping


Paddle master


Got Ping Pong?


Let’s Bounce


Ping Pong Ninja


Baby Got Backspin


Always a Hot Shot


Smash to Success.


The Table Awaits.


Paddle Prospects.


Hit Hard, Go Far.


Perfect the Play.


Command the Court.


Every Ball Counts!


Rise, Rally, Rule.


Play the Pong Way.


No Pings Attached!


Conquer the Court.


Smash the Silence.


Ready. Set. Smash!


Lead the Pong Pack.


I Beat Forrest Gump


Serve’s Up, Dude!


Rally, Rise, Reign.


Every Rally Counts.


No Ball Is Too Easy


Live the Pong Life.


Ping Pong Paradise.


Ping Pong Pinnacle.


Hit, Run, Have Fun!


Paddle with Passion.


Your Game, Your Way.


Ping Pong, Pure Joy.


A League of Our Own.


Rally the Right Way.


Champions Choose Us.


Will Pong For Pizza.


Bounce Into Our DMs!


Ping for Perfection.


Ping. Play. Prevail.


Every Shot, A Story.


From Serve to Smash.


Will Play for Tacos!


Ping Pong takes balls


Serve, Return, Learn.


Paddle Battle Royale!


The Paddle’s Power.


Ping. Pong. Party On!


Pong: The Power Play.


Dive. Dash. Dominate.


Rackets Raised Right.


Lead, Don’t Follow.


Win with Every Whack.


Aim, Attack, Achieve.


The Future of Fierce.


Choose Champion Play.


Paddle Up, Buttercup!


Step Right. Win Right.


Keep Calm and Pong On.


Gear Up for Greatness.


Serve, Smash, Success!


Ping Is The New Black.


Play Green, Win Clean.


Business Meets Bounce.


Paddle, Play, Prevail!


The Power of Precision.


Where Style Meets Spin.


Epic in Every Exchange.


Smash, Clash, and Dash.


Where Winners are Made.


Fast Flips, Fierce Fun.


The Pulse of Ping Pong.


Play Hard, Pong Harder.


Art is a load of balls


Elevate Every Exchange.


Your Table, Your Rules.


Your Paddle, Your Power.


Bounce It Like Beyoncé.


Local Legends Rise Here.


Score Big, in Real-Time.

Elevate Every Encounter.


Start Simple. Dream Big.


Challenge the Champions.


Pong Star in the Making.


Our Balls Bounce Better!


Eat, Train, Win, Repeat.


Make Every Match Matter.


Paddle Up to Perfection.


Beyond the Basic Bounce.


Live Long Play Ping Pong


Feel the Ping Pong Pulse.


Safe Play, the Smart Way.


Your Design. Your Domain.


Ping Pong Changes my life


Unravel the Racket Magic.


Bounce Beyond Boundaries.


Make it Count.


Paddle Power to the Hour.


Where Talent Meets Table.


The Court is Your Canvas.


Your Paddle, Your Legacy.


Smash It Like It’s Hot!


Fancy a game of Ping Pong?


We’ve Got Balls. Do You?


Experience Epic Exchanges.


Table for Two: Me vs. You.


Precision in Every Paddle.


Bounce Back, Get on Track.


Set Up. Serve Up. Show Up.


Only the Best Bounce Here.


Pong’s On, Where You At?


Ponginator: Judgment Play.


The Ball is in Your Court.


Find Your Paddle Soul Mate.


Play, Shine, Get Sponsored.


When Life Pings, Pong Back!


Why Ping When You Can Zing?


Where Modern Meets Mastery.


Zero Gravitas, All Gravity.


Team Up for Table Triumphs.


Hustle, Hit, and Never Quit


Serves Up, Time to Power Up!


You’re the ping to my pong


Spin Is the Name Of The Game


Don’t Wait For It, Hunt It


Superior Smashes Start Here.


Connect. Compete. Celebrate.


Spinning Since The Disco Era.


Fast and Furious: Pong Drift.


A Game, A Journey.


First We Pong, Then We Feast.


Ping, Pong, Pass the Popcorn.


Make it Swing, Hear the Ping!


Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos!


Life’s a Ball. Hit It Hard.


Train Anytime, From Anywhere.


Serve Health. Smash Calories.


Answer the Call of the Court.


Dress the Part, Win the Game.


Into the Game, Onto the Fame.


Life is short, Play Ping Pong


My Game, My Table, Your loss


Finish Your Stroke…Then Move


Making A Racket, The Good Way.


Set the Pace, Seize the Prize.


The Perfect Bounce.


Play Your Own Song.


It’s in the Spin.


Where Aspirations Meet Action.


Serve the Best, Beat the Rest.


Eat. Sleep. Ping Pong. Repeat.


From Novice to Ninja, We Adapt.


Plan Your Play. Play Your Plan.


Join the Elite. Play the Elite.


Real Skills in a Virtual Arena.


Ping So Good, Pong’s Jealous.


Make Your Move, Paddle Prodigy.


Tune into the Ping Pong Groove.


There’s No Fault in Our Game.


Master the Spin, Rule the Game.


Serve City: Population – You!


The Pong Pursuit: Glory Awaits.


Where Magic Happens.


Ping Pong, it’s a way of life


Dare to Duel? Our Tables Await.


Every Bounce, Precision-Perfect.


Slam Dunk? More Like Smash Pong!


Ping It Like It’s Picture Day!


Play by Instinct, Train by Data.


Let Your Paddle Talk.


The Game Changer in Every Smash.


Where Every Serve Tells a Story.


Book, Play, Win. All in One App.


Stay Ahead with the Latest Gear.


See Every Spin in Our Spotlight.


Push Boundaries, Pull Victories.


Trained by Pros, Play like Pros.


It’s Pong O’Clock Somewhere!


Champions Play Here. Are You In?


Rally? More Like Really Awesome!


Crafted for Rigor, Built to Last.


Master the Spin, From Any Screen.


Ping Pong’s New Era Begins Now.


Discover the Rhythm of the Rally.


Your Ping Pong Partner On-the-Go.


Enter the Arena, Exit a Champion.


Bounce it Right, Light the Night.


The Pong is Strong With This One.


Where Technology Meets Tradition.


Savings that Make You Serve More!


Game On. Every Point, Every Play.


I’d rather be playing Ping Pong


World-Class, Yet Wallet-Friendly.


Serving Moments, Making Memories.


Serve the Drama, Save the Trophy.


Keep Your Gear Game-Ready, Always.


All You Need is a Ball and a Wall.


Play with What the Pros Play With.


Your Next Adventure.


Chase the Ball, Capture the Glory.


From Casual Play to Pro Every Day.


Cheer Up, It’s Only Table Tennis


Life is Short, Play More Ping Pong.


Ping, Pong, and a Whole Lotta Song.


Master the Table, Mold the Triumph.


Forrest Gump’s Second Fave Sport.


We Serve Both On and Off the Table.


Smooth Surface, Seamless Victories.


Your Style. Your Paddle. Your Game.


All’s Fair in Love and Ping Pong.


The Heartbeat of Heroes.


Let the Ball Dance to Your Command.


Rally the Troops, It’s Game Time!


Drive the Dream, Dominate the Duel.


Bounce with Us – We Don’t Bite!


Break the Internet with Your Smash!


Real men know how to play Ping Pong


Turn the Tables, Taste the Triumph.


Find Your Inner Strength.


Who Needs WiFi When You Have WiPONG?


Table Boundaries, Limitless Passion.


Bounce Your Way to Glory.


We Don’t Need Roads…Just Tables.


Fuel Your Game, Right Off the Table.


Relax, Refresh, Return to the Table.


Guidance by the Best, For Your Best.


Not Just Points. It’s About Pride.


Take Your Game Anywhere, Everywhere.


More Tables, More Savings, More Fun.


Life’s a game, Ping Pong is serious


Come for the Ping, Stay for the Pong.



Perfect Your Reflexes, On Your Terms.


Sorry, I Can’t. My Paddle Needs Me.


The Floor is Lava, The Table is Gold.


Fuel Your Passion, Fire Up the Table.


Experience the Grip. Master the Game.


We Pong Hard, So You Don’t Have To.


Epic Duels Begin with a Simple Serve.


Premium Play, Pocket-Friendly Prices.


I like Ping Pong & Maybe like 3 People


Embrace the Bounce, Elevate Your Game.


Ping Pong’s Ageless. Prove Us Right.


Bounce Brigade – Reporting for Duty!


Rise to the Rally. Relish the Victory.


Play On Your Time, Rise On Your Terms.


For Every Game Played, A Tree Planted.


Playing Pong, One Ding Dong at a Time.


You Just Got Served…Ping Pong Style.


Join the Paddle Revolution. Play Bold.


Champion the Game, Champion the Earth.


Challenge the Norm, Paddle to the Top.


The Original Social Network.


Always Think…The Ball Is Coming Back!


Our Balls Spin Better, Can You Keep Up?


Breaking Barriers, One Serve at a Time.


Playing Ping Pong, No Strings Attached.


Insights to Ignite Your Inner Champion.


Redefining Rivals, One Match at a Time.


Everything You Need, in One Power Pack.


Life is great, Ping Pong makes it better


When Skill Meets Spin, Legends are Born.


Compact. Convenient. Championship Ready.


One Table, Two Titans, Infinite Thrills.


Our Paddles Have More Swipe Than Tinder.


In the Symphony of Spin, Be the Maestro.


Crafted for Champions. Tailored for You.


Experience Ping Pong, Like Never Before.


Breathe the Bounce, Battle for the Best.


Paddle’s Call: Are You Ready to Rally?


Love All, Play All – Ping Pong for All.


Play Like a Pro, Let the Good Times Roll.


Recharge Your Spirit, Reignite Your Game.


We Put the ‘Pong’ in ‘Ping Pong’!


Learn from the World, Play for the World.


Paddle On, World Champions in the Making.


Serving Up Memories, One Match at a Time.


Crafting Champions, One Paddle at a Time.


Every Spin, Every Win: This Is Our Arena.


The Ultimate Duel: You, Me, and the Pong.


Beyond the Net, Lies Your Next Challenge.


We’re 50% Ping, 50% Pong, 100% Awesome!


Elevate Every Serve, Celebrate Every Win.


Today is a fantastic day to play Ping-Pong


Rally On: The Road to Ping Pong Greatness.


Artificial Intelligence, Real Improvement.


Sun, Rain, or Snow – We’re Good to Go.


It’s Not Just a Paddle, It’s a Weapon.


If Life Gives You Paddles, Play Ping Pong.


You Can’t Sit With Us…But You Can Play!


Nurturing Tomorrow’s Ping Pong Prodigies.


Your Game. Our Table. Let’s Make History.


In the Realm of Pong, Paddles Speak Louder.


Where Battles are Won, and Skills are Honed.


More than a Tentative Tension.


We’re Like The Avengers, But With Paddles.


Witness the Wonder of World-Class Ping Pong.


Your Path to Ping Pong Prestige Starts Here.


I love it when my wife lets me play Ping Pong


We’ve Got the Paddle, You Bring the Mettle!


In the World of Ping Pong, Every Spin Counts.


Every Smash a Statement. Every Game a Legacy.


Not Just a Game, It’s an Odyssey.


The Language of Ping Pong, Universally Spoken.


Beyond the Bounce: The Heartbeat of Champions.


Start the Game, Spark the Flame.


One Ball, Two Paddles, Infinite Possibilities.


Unlock the Champion: Serve, Spin, and Succeed.


If It’s Not a Smash, You’re Doing It Wrong.


From Serve to Showdown: The Ultimate Pong Saga.


Courage, Compete, Conquer: The Ping Pong Creed.


You’ve Got The Moves, We’ve Got The Tables.


Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Paddle Closer.


More Than a Game, It’s a Ping Pong Revolution.


One Table, Two Players, A Million Possibilities.


Your Winning Roar Starts at the Ping Pong Floor.


Serving Excellence, One Ping Pong Match at a Time.


From Garage to Glory: Where Ping Pong Dreams Begin.


This is what an awesome Ping Pong Player Looks like


We’re Not Flattening Curves, We’re Serving Them!


I don’t need therapy, I just need to play Ping Pong


Our Tables Aren’t For Eating…But They’re Tasty!


Our Game, Your Rules. Just Kidding. It’s Our Rules.


From Backyards to Championships: Our Ping Pong Journey.


I love my wife more than Ping Pong… Yes, She brought me this


It’s Not Just a Game, It’s a Lifestyle. A Very Bouncy Lifestyle.


Table Tennis Taglines

Game On


Letís Bounce


Human Backboard


Play It Forward


Pong On, Fun On!


Slice, Slice Baby


Pong On! Game On!


Game On, Pong On!


Play it, Love it.


Serve me a double


Get low; stay low!


Ping Pong Diplomat


Get Low, Stay Low!


Fun at Full Swing.


Perfect your serve


The Arena of Aces.


You Just Got Served


Downright Smashing!


Outwit Beats Outhit


It’s Paddle Time!


It’s a Smash Hit.


Smash Forrest Smash


Play with confidence


Paddle Up, Level Up!


The human backboard.


Placement; NOT Power!


The Sound of Success.


Love at First Strike!


Ping Pong Until I Die


Now serving Ping Pong


The Faster the Better!


Let’s Ping the Pong!


Come, Spin the Fun On!


The Whiff-Waff Wonder.


Ping Pong for all ages


Your Game, Your Glory.


When Speed Meets Spin.


Let’s Rally for Fun!


Battle Beyond the Net.


Art is a load of balls


Keep calm and Ping Pong


Serve, Strike, Succeed.


Let’s Pong Things Up!


Unleash the Pong Power.


Itís On like Ping Pong


Master the Spin to Win.


The Game of Swift Shots.


The Rhythm of the Rally.


The Epic Battle of Bats.


Play fair and play often


Where Fun Meets the Run.


Aim High, Bounce Higher.


Be the Ping in the Pong.


Making a Racket for Fun!


The Spin Cycle Is On High


The Game that Serves Fun.


Forest Gumpís Instructor

Ping Pong Slogan Ideas


The Game of Swift Shifts.


Iím awesome at Ping Pong


Rule your ping pong world


The Game of Table Titans.


Where Every Bounce Counts.


Top of the ping pong world


The Power of Precise Play.


Hustle, Hit And Never Quit


Hit Me With Your Best Shot


Making Waves on the Table.


Make Every Bounce Worth it.


Spin, Swing, Savor the Win.


The Game of Spins and Wins.


Donít Wait For It, Hunt It


Become the god of Ping Pong


Burn the ball, not yourself


The Ultimate Paddle Battle.


Make Every Shot a Snapshot.


Let the Ping Pong Fling On.


Paddle Your Way to Victory.


Youíre the ping to my pong


Paddle Faster: I Hear Banjos


Play the Ping, Win the Pong.


Play the Game, Hit the Fame.


Where the Ball Bounces Back!


Donít Wait For It, Hunt It,


Make Your Every Move Matter.


The game of the 21st century


My Game, My Table, Your loss


Pick up your paddle and play!


Don’t wait for it, hunt it,


Eat. Sleep. Ping Pong. Repeat


Play the Game, Rule the Game.


Watch the ball, not the table


Finish Your StrokeÖThen Move


Love the Game, Live the Game.


Live the Ping, Love the Pong.


It’s All About the Topspin.


The Fun Starts with One Ball.


The Game of Fast and Furious.


Speed. Spin. Skill. Ping Pong.


The Game of Paddle and Battle.


Table tennis has given me soul


Turning Tables, Winning Games.


Smash the Game, Seize the Day.


The Game of Flicks and Tricks.


Paddle a Game, Paddle a Dream.


Ping Pong, itís a way of life


Ping Pong is everyoneís sport


Dive Into the Ping Pong Drive.


Spin the Magic, Win the Match.


Chase the Pong, Chase the Fun.


Strike the Ping, Win the Game.


Have no fear; let your shots go


Leave your worries at the table


Let the Paddles do the Talking.


Serve it Right, Make it Bright.


Bouncing Balls and Rising Stars.


Swing the Paddle, Sway the Game.


Paddle, Battle, Rattle, and Win.


The Ultimate Battle of Backspin.


Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears


Where the Game Turns the Tables.


Settle for nothing but the best!


Iíd rather be playing Ping Pong


Play Ping Pong, Play Perfection.


Playing Life One Ball at a Time.


Cheer Up, Itís Only Table Tennis


Play The Point, Not The Situation


Bring the ball and have some fun!


The More You Hit The More You Win


Ball by Ball, We’ve Got it All.


Championships are won at practice


Master your hand-eye coordination


It’s More Than a Table’s Tale.


Start with a Ping, End with a Win.


Never Miss a Ping, Never Miss Fun.


Smash the Boredom, Smash the Ball.


Be yourself, have fun and be cool!


It’s a Game of Twists and Flips.


It’s Your Turn to Serve Success!


Don’t Just Strike, Strike Right.


Ping Pong – The Ballet of Bounce.


More than a Game, It’s a Passion.


Ping pong, the best tune in my life


Don’t Just Play the Game, Own It!


Victory requires payment in advance


Itís so much more than a ball game


Taste the Victory, Taste the Glory.


Place The Ball Where It Wants To Go


Aim for the highest possible scores


The Fun Begins When the Ball Spins.


Ding Dong! Itís time for Ping Pong!


The Match Starts with a Match Point.


Lifeís a game, Ping Pong is serious


Come With a Swing, Leave With a Win.


Play Ping Pong, Make Lifelong Bonds.


It’s a Game of Skills and Thrills.


Turn your living room into a fun zone


I like ping-pong and maybe two people


Precision in Play, Perfection in Game.


Let the Ball Roll, Let the Fun Unfold.


Keep Calm, there’s Always Ping Pong.


He loves the game, she loves the table


Donít be a ding dong; play ping pong!


Always ThinkÖThe Ball Is Coming Back!


Give it everything the coach taught you


I donít need therapy. I just need pong


Play ping pong ñ the ultimate workout!


It’s Not Just a Game, It’s a Journey.


Winners never quit and quitters never win


Ping pong makes you feel like a kid again


Ping Pong, Where Precision Meets Passion.


For us, ping pong is the key to happiness


Bounce pong balls with speed and precision


Life without Ping Pong is not worth living


Ping Pong is a mind game, not a paddle game


It’s Not a Ping Pong, It’s a Thing Pong.


Letís Get It On Like Ping Pong In Hong Kong


Let’s get it on like Ping Pong in Hong Kong


Ping pong is for life, not just for Christmas


Feel the Rush, Hear the Hush, It’s Ping Pong.


Be observant so you know where the ball is going


Let a good rally be the winning point this season


It’s Not Just Table Tennis, It’s a Lifestyle.


It’s Not About the Ball, It’s About the Fall.


Table tennis is a real test of stamina and patience


Table tennis is a sport that brings people together


Oh, donít you know that itís all about the bounce?


I donít always play table tennis, oh wait, yes I do


I donít need therapy, I just need to play Ping Pong


Grab a paddle and head over to the ping pong tables!


You will come to believe: the ball is always coming back


The best ping pong player is the one who has the most fun


Always play every point like its your last point scored


Get the ball over the net, and at your opponentís backhand


I love my wife more than Ping PongÖ Yes, She brought me this


Know when to put away the racket and stretch your hand muscles


The best way to learn ping pong is to practice, practice, practice


Cool Ping-Pong Slogans

Just do it!


Bring it on!


Catch the ball!


Ace your serve


Score the goals!


Never give up!


Ping Pong Power


Ready, set, go!


No spin, no win


Nerves of steel!


Bring it on home!


This is our game!


Hit it like a pro


Let the games begin


Serve it with style


Focus and fire away


Catch as catch can.


Hit it and quit it!


Punch it like a pro


Make it a great day!


Swing for the fences!


A score to remember.


I’m feeling lucky.


Just one more game…


Go harder, go faster!


One ball, one match…


It’s all in the game.


The power of the paddle


In a world of its own…


Reach higher, net higher


Draw it back, hit it out


Be the best at the table


You got this in the bag!


Play to win, not to tie.


Great minds think alike.


It’s all in the swing.


It’s all in the swing!


We’re in this together!


Playing ping pong is fun!


Keep your eye on the ball


The balls are in the air.


Smash your way to the top


It’s all about the spin


Smash it like a rock star


Smash it like nobody else


Take a swing, hit a winner


Serve it hard. Spin it well


Picking up speed


Paddle hard and play smart.


Can’t stop, won’t stop!


Everyone has their weakness.


Feel the power of your shots


Come out to play – and win!


Uncommon knowledge is power.


I’m the king of the court!


Powerful shots up at the net


You’ve got this in the bag!


We’re all in this together!


Strike while the iron is hot!


Come out and show your stuff!



Ping Pong Mottos


Teamwork makes the dream work!


Getting ready for a long rally


Ping pong is mind over matter!


Let your skills do the talking


Teamwork makes the dream work.


Live, laugh, and love ping pong


Rank higher with enhanced skill


It all comes down to one point.


Where technique meets precision


Where concentration meets power


Know what you can do, and do it


Opportunity seldom knocks twice.


Out of my reach, but in my sights


Hit it hard and hit it straight!


Hit the ball as hard as you can!


Smash, swing, spin: Ping pong fun


Set yourself apart from the rest.


In a battle of brains and brawn…


Hitting the ball hard makes it fly!


Hit the ball, all around the world


Ping Pong, making dreams come true


Keep the momentum for long rallies


It’s not over until it’s over.


Just keep playing; You’ll get it


Better than the rest


That’s one way to play ping pong.


Ball above the net, you win the set


Good things come to those who wait!


Good things come to those who wait.


I’m the best player in the world.


Take the challenge – serve it hard


I’m out to make a name for myself.


If you can’t beat them, hit harder


Don’t just play it – dominate it


Perfection achieved through practice


Grab your racquet, pick up the paddle


Table tennis, the point of perfection


Feel the roar of the crowd


Light and fast, all the way to the top


It doesn’t get any better than this.


It’s all about control and technique


Get creative and play to your strengths!


Your skill, your strategy, your success


You’ve got the pen, we’ve got the paper.


Nothing more thrilling than a ping pong match


The speed of a storm, the accuracy of a laser


Think outside the box and hit inside the lines


Table tennis is my game so don’t mess with it


Expertise and experience matter most in the game


Life is a table tennis rally – stay in the game


The harder you hit, the higher the ball will fly!


Bringing the champions of the world to your table


Forget about the score, it’s all about the rally

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